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Operation Bear Hug

To help children who have undergone traumatic situations, Operation Bear Hug was established in 1988 and was the first philanthropic effort of the Assistance League of Fresno. Through this program, Assistance League provides local emergency agencies with certified safe, toy teddy bears to offer children, young adults and women who have experienced a trauma.

Our members are extremely proud of Operation Bear Hug - a program that provides a gift of the heart. Each year we have budgeted funds to supply bears to a variety of civic and community organizations. Each bear that is distributed touches a life and brings comfort.  The need for these bears continues to grow. It is with a sense of pride that we celebrate our 26th year of distribution. This year, we have individually bagged and distributed over 1,500 bears, bringing our grand total to over 15,500 bears!  Victims of accidents, fire and domestic violence have been recipients of Operation Bear Hug. We would like to thank our partners who have made Operation Bear Hug such a huge success:

California Highway Patrol
Clovis Fire Department
Clovis Police Department
Footsteps at St. Agnes
Fresno Council on Child Abuse Prevention

Fresno County Sheriff's Department
Fresno County Sheriff's Department on Child Abuse
Fresno Department of Social Services
Fresno Fire Department

Fresno Police Department

Fresno Police Department on Child Abuse
Marjorie Mason Center
Nancy Hinds Hospice
Valley Teen Ranch

Many law enforcement officers have made a commitment to carry bears in their vehicles at all times. Their reports are filled with many warm and heartfelt stories about the calming effects this gift has had on the children to whom the bears are given. An additional benefit of this program has been the rapport and trust developed between elementary school age children and officers when the students see the bears in the trunks of the law enforcement vehicles during community awareness education visits on campuses.


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